About us

Newham Learning began with a group of Head Teachers who wanted to work in partnership to provide a range of services and support, building on the existing local partnerships and networks to improve learning outcomes for all children and young people across the borough.

The aims of Newham Learning are:

  • to help member schools identify and manage potential risks through collaboration, challenge and cooperation;
  • to make best use of resources in order to intensify school improvement and enhance children’s life chances through excellent educational outcomes

Newham Learning aims for all the borough’s children and young people to have the best possible educational opportunities, outcomes and life chances. These outcomes include children and young people being and feeling safe, being healthy, playing an active part in their local community, becoming more independent and achieving academic success.

The partnership strives to remove and reduce barriers to successful learning and independence for young people. Newham Learning’s vision is underpinned by the values of aspiration, trust and support, equality, transparency and accountability.

Newham Learning seeks to harness the existing innovative practices in our schools and provide a platform for these to be shared. It also believes that all schools must continue to reflect and challenge themselves, seek and welcome support from critical friends and peers and learn from the successful practices of others.


Newham Learning believes that successful school improvement is school-led and we promote this, as demonstrated by:

  • Schools/providers being in control and responsible
  • Learning from each other to spread effective practice
  • Groups of schools facilitating, commissioning and brokering support and challenge
  • Schools collaborating to access the support they need