NL Communities

Newham Learning Communities (subscribers only)

These are Communities of Practice that aim to develop collaboration in planning and implementation around an area of common need. The groups include opportunities to share practice and resources between settings. External expertise is used to support when the group feels this is appropriate.

There are six communities:

  1. Ofsted Preparation – this group is aimed at supporting schools that are preparing for inspection. The aim of this group will be to help clarify the inspection process and help Head Teachers ensure that all is in order ahead of the inspection.
  2. Curriculum – this group is aimed at Head Teachers and Senior Leaders
    (please note that there are also subject-specific curriculum leader network meetings aimed at middle leaders. This group will also be involved in the coordination of the network meetings).
  3. SEND – This group is aimed at Head Teachers, Senior Leaders, SENCOs and Inclusion Leaders.
  4. Building Learning Power – This group will look at how to develop learning friendly classroom cultures, a language for learning and powerful learning character.
  5. Climate Emergency – This is aimed at Head Teachers, Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and Classroom Practitioners. The aim of this group is to support schools to make decisions around transport, procurement and the curriculum to reduce the negative impact of the school on the environment in the short term, as well as develop learner understanding of climate change in the longer term.
  6. Behaviour and Inclusion – This group will help to share learning on how to improve behaviour and support learners to remain included in classrooms, particularly those who exhibit the most challenging behaviour.